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Pandawill trendiest online spot for cell phones electronic products and consumer goods at cheapest prices


Pandawill brings you Great computer and household related goods

Pandawill store delivers fantastic cell phones and fabulous goods

There are over 4,000 phones in the mobile phone segment at the Pandawill online store. Watch style phones (46), 3G phones (629), Android OS phone (966), GPS phone (639) and value phone (269) are the most attractive ones. There are very attractive cell phones for everyone on sale here.

Other than cellphones, there are in outdoor sports section, Travel

accessories (54), skiing equipment (55), and protective gear (79). Then there is outdoor tool (168), hunting (294), portable pot and flask (17). This is followed by cycling (223), Aquaskipper (1), yard, garden and outdoor living (60). The sportswear accessories (60), skating shoes (6), picnic (6), Outdoors mask (33), flashlight and torch (489) come next. After this, we have fishing (225), backpack and sports bag (29) and team sports (2). Pandawill has total commitment to customer satisfaction. The range of goods covers the following.
a. Outdoors sports
b. Tablet PC
c. Mobile phone
d. Car electronics
e. Computers and Laptops
f. Baby and children
g. Fashion
h. Home and garden

The fashion section has ladies fashion, men’s clothing, T-shirt jewelry and makeup. There are clothes for babies and the car electronics section. The 4613 fashion items are an added attraction. The Cubot Gt99 Smartphone Android 42 Mtk6589 Quad Core 45 Inch is popular and has a price of $167.99. It has a 12MP camera. Another great phone is the Beidou Hot Pepper M1Y Smartphone MSM8225q Quad Core Aliyun OS 45 Inch 3G GPS for $156.99.

Specialty of the Store

The quality and quantity notwithstanding there are many admirable qualities of the shop. The clothing for Baby and children is a nice section. Here you get almost every kind of dress required for the tiny tots. There is free shipping on many of the items including the new arrivals. Smart phones, cheap cell phones and cell phone accessories are available by the dozens.

Shipping details at Pandawill

The shipping time will depend on the destination and the type of shipping adopted.

Type of Shipping Delivery time in days
Normal Airmail 15-35
Express mail 3-7

If the person chooses registry airmail then the time will depend on the destination.

Destination country Delivery time in days
US and UK 10-20
South America 15-28
France, Italy, Germany, Spain 8-15
Thailand, Malaysia 7-20
Other countries not mentioned 15-35

All order having less than $30 value, the store ships through Standard Airmail. If the value of the order is greater than $30, the store will ship through regular airmail. There is no charge in either case.

Details regarding Return and Exchange at Pandawill

To cancel Android OS, the Alcohol breathe analyzer or the car DVD player the customer has to contact Pandawill store before 30 days elapses since the placement of the order. If the store has not shipped the order, the store will give full refund if the customer returns the item in unopened condition. All the

Pros and Cons of the Pandawill store

On the pro side, there is drop shipping on every order. The shipping is worldwide and fast. You have access to many household items, computer goods and accessories.
On the con side, you do not have any means to exchange your goods once you have opened them. Only if the customer returns items unopened he will be eligible for refund.
Delectable delights of the Pandawill shopping center

Truly magnificent shop with goods for the house and kitchen, the garden and the bathroom, this is a great place to find the equipment for the house. The different cell phones on offer help one to land the best communicating device that there is. Other than mobile phones, there are computers and laptops if you should need them. Visitors to the site would be amazed to see the baby stuff sitting on the site. Many would like this cute addition.
There are exquisite fashion products on the site for both men and women. The SEPTWOLVES SWJEANS men’s classics stand Placket Full Zip Long Sleeve Casual Thick Sweater Coat for $42.99 is adorable.
Among the best sellers, they have the PIPO Quad Core M8Pro Tablet PC RK3188 on offer for $229.99. It has one-year warranty and free shipping worldwide. The best part is the best price deal that is given. The store will give you the best price that the competitors are unable to give.
In the car accessories section, the normal offering of the DVD player and the GPS was exciting enough. In addition, more sensational was the alcohol breath analyzer, which should prove to be a lifesaver. The only other thing that could interest the modern driver was the rear view parking sensor monitors and system.

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